Lose once, and it becomes a habit. Before you know it, you're a loser.
~ Vikram Kabra

Vikram Kabra is the father of Ian Kabra and Natalie Kabra. He led the Lucian branch with his wife, Isabel Kabra. He now resides in Brazil after the imprisonment of Isabel Kabra.


  • Isabel Kabra - Wife (deceased)
  • Ian Kabra - Son (disowned)
  • Natalie Kabra - Daughter (disowned, deceased)
  • Winthrop Cahill - Great x20 Grandfather (deceased)
  • Jane Cahill - Great x21 Grandaunt (deceased)
  • Thomas Cahill - Great x21 Granduncle (deceased)
  • Luke Cahill - Great x21 Grandfather (deceased)
  • Katherine Cahill - Great x21 Grandaunt (deceased)
  • Madeleine Cahill - Great x21 Grandaunt (deceased)
  • Gideon Cahill - Great x22 Grandfather (deceased)
  • Olivia Cahill - Great x22 Grandmother (deceased)