The Vikings are the main antagonists of the 2009 critically-acclaimed Irish animated film The Secret of Kells.

The Vikings

The Vikings on the attack

The Secret of Kells

The Vikings are vicious barbarians who terrorize Ireland, plundering towns and killing people for gold. The townsfolk are afraid of them, and everywhere they go, the Vikings leave a swath of destruction behind them. This is why the Abbot forbids Brendan, our hero, to leave the abbey and is obsessed with building a wall around his village. A murder of crows flying through the sky overhead indicates when they're about to show up. Late in the movie, the Vikings lead a direct attack on Kells, murdering most of the inhabitants and critically wounding Cellach. Brother Aiden and Brendan flee, though they are ambushed by a group of Vikings, who raid and damage the Book of Kells. Two of the Vikings are mauled to death by Aisling, who summons a wolf pack, and the rest of them flee.


The Vikings Attack04:57

The Vikings Attack

  • The Vikings prove to be a true threat to the Celts because they show no mercy to not only the people but also their culture.
  • Though the Vikings are portrayed as inhuman brutes, they don't seem to be unintelligent. They fluently speak their own language, and one Viking appears to be able to read the Book of Kells and give orders to two of his men.