I'm sorry, were you hoping for a confession?
~ -Vieri's last words.
Vieri de' Pazzi (1454-1478) is a Pazzi nobleman and secretly a member of the Templar order. He appears to be a close enemy of Ezio, and is his second victim. He is very cruel, and he likes nothing more than to win. He would often call for competitions against other noble families, the competitions would always be rigged, so he would win. In the slim change that he loses, he invites the winner and his entire family to dinner and poisons them. Vieri is a false main antagonist in Sequence 1, Ignorance is Bliss and the main antagonist of Sequence 3, Requiescat in Pace.


He was an enemy of Ezio because Ezio's father used evidence against Vieri's father. The two always seemed to fight each other. Vieri's first big appearance is when Ezio, Maria and Claudia try to escape Firenze. He ambushes them an threatens to kill them, but Mario Auditore comes to the rescue. The next time they meet, Ezio has been training as an assassin for a year and teams up with his uncle to kill Vieri. He is seen speaking to his father, his great uncle, and the Templar Grandmaster about the plot to kill the Medici brothers. Vieri decides to stay in Tuscany to kill Mario. However, Ezio went to assassinate Vieri, and after several fierce battles they face off on top of a tower. Ezio wins, but Vieri won't give him any answers, so he starts cursing his corpse and name. He is stopped by his uncle Mario, who tells him he needs to respect the ones who have passed away.