Vidia grinning slyly

Vidia is a villainous fairy in the Tinker Bell film series. She is the main antagonist of the first film, a minor character in "The Lost Treasure", and a supporting character in its other sequels. She has the ability to fly at super speeds, and can create small whirlwinds and such. She is mean, nasty, cruel, greedy, cunning, selfish, spiteful, villainous, and manipulative, so she takes pleasure in bullying her fellow fairies.

She has recently began to rethink her wicked ways and has become friends with her former victims, even risking her life for them. She still remains sarcastic and temperamental as she always was, and although she can be mean, uncaring, and vindictive, Vidia has a soft spot as well.

She is voiced by Pamela Aldon who also played Bobby Hill and Spinelli.