Victoria Knox is the main antagonist in Barely Lethal. She is an arms dealer who was once a Prescott agent before defecting and turning against them, making her a double agent.

She is portrayed by Jessica Alba.

Role in film

Knox was in Chechnya talking to some men who were tied up and had their faces covered. She removed them one by one and as soon as she removed the last mask, she was ambushed by Agent 83. The two women engaged in a fight with her henchmen useless against 83, and Knox failing to strangle to death with the parachute rope. When the Prescott aircraft hovers above them, 83 grabs the rope and ties it around Knox. The two ladies take off and Victoria Knox seems to have lost the battle. However, she has an attempt on 83 by trying to shoot her but 83 is able to escape by falling down into the river. Boarding the ship, Knox meets Hardman and tries to sweet talk him upon apprehension. When asked about 83, she said she had a nice fall.

Later she is interrogated by Hardman about her schemes with Agent 84 present. It is revealed behind Hardman's back 84 was siding with Knox and aids in her escape from the academy. Knox would go to the Larson house (where Agent 83, now Megan Walsh, was living) and hold them hostage while 84 (as Heather) would dispose of Megan.

Megan arrives at the house and she sees Knox and her goons with Liz Larson and her family, unable to do anything. Despite pointing her gun at Knox, Megan is forced to drop it and learns that Knox is a former Prescott agent, Agent 1. The two duke it out in another battle but Knox at first has the upper hand and flip sides Megan onto the coffee table. Megan then attacks Knox with her own moves but the battle would quickly come to an end when Liz's younger brother Parker throws a smoke bomb into the room.

Soon the lights go out and Hardman and his agents quickly recapture Knox, and thank Megan for the hard work.