Victoria Hardwick is an antagonist appearing on the WB/CW television series Smallville.

She is played by Kelly Brook.

In "Rogue," Victoria showed up at Lex's charity gala and got herself invited to the Luthor Mansion, where she proposed that Lex help her father, Sir Harry Hardwick, steal his own father Lionel's company, LuthorCorp; Lex made a better proposal that they take over both their fathers' companies. Lex believed that Sir Harry needed his shares to steal LuthorCorp, and Victoria felt she was manipulating Lex by using his hatred for Lionel to go in on the deal.

Victoria agreed with Lex to steal Harry's company, Hardwick Enterprises, as well as Lionel's; however, she stole information from Lex's computer, which Clark Kent caught her doing in "Shimmer." Victoria was later attacked in the bathtub and nearly drowned by an invisible assailant.

In "Hug," Victoria came with Lex to Bob Rickman's reception as they continued planning to bring both their fathers down.

In "Leech," Victoria revealed to Lex that she stole the information from his computer, which turned out to be fake as she and her father purchased the worthless Cadamus Labs; this allowed Lex to steal Harry's company and bankrupt the thieving father-daughter duo.

Lex never saw Victoria again; however, he did discover from photographs given to him by Roger Nixon that Victoria had an affair with his father.