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Victoria is one of the Bachelorette from Match Made In Heaven.

She's potrayed has herself.

She arrived with the others candidates, to meet the bachelor named Shawn, her and the girls arrived to bachelorette house she make friends with a girl named Jamie easily, when Shawn finally arrives and she saw him she fall in love with him at first sight.

She go on her first date with him after winning a challenge, she doesn't kiss him because they doesn't well to each other, but it seem she's an awful trash-talking girl, she insulted the other girls by saying they no chance with Shawn and shuttheir mouths.

Her bad bahavior annoyed the other girls who want her out, she fight with all other girls she doesn't like, and trash them behind their backs, when Shawn finally want to talk to her she tries to defend herself by making a statement.

Because she does feel the connection with Shawn, but Shawn doesn't feel the same way and eliminated her from the competition, before she leave she kissed him, and it seem Shawn was disgusted by her action much has her deception when she leave.