Victor the Cleaner is an antagonist in the 1993 film Point of No Return (also known as The Assassin).

He is portrayed by Harvey Keitel, who also portrays Mr. White (and portrayed by Jean Reno in the original 1990 film, who also portrays Alexi Petrovich).


Victor is a professional, emotionless cleaner who never hesitates to eliminate his targets. When a female assassin named Maggie Hayward (under the alias Nina) and her partner in crime Beth are sent to eliminate an Iranian man trading in nuclear weapons, they end up being forced to kill two bodyguards while Beth herself is wounded, and the mission is aborted. Maggie's boss, named Kaufman, then hires Victor to destroy the evidence and erase anybody involved, and when Beth protests, Victor shoots her dead. After dissolving the corpses with acid, Victor drives Maggie to her target's house so she can complete the job, though she is unaware that Victor's orders are to kill her too as soon as she returns.

Maggie confronts her target but is forced to escape before she gets the chance to kill him. As she returns to Victor's car, he drives her away while several bodyguards shoot at them, to no avail. Maggie then notices a gun strapped to Victor's waistband and assumes that he is about to kill her, and a struggle ensues. The car swerves out of control and comes to rest on the edge of a ravine, and Maggie manages to clamber out of the vehicle. Victor is left pinned beneath the car but still attempts to attack Maggie, until the car eventually tumbles over the edge and drags Victor down the slope to his death.