I don't 'try' and I never stop. You won't see me coming and you won't feel a thing.
~ Zsasz warns Gordon

Victor Zsasz is the main hitman and enforcer of Carmine Falcone in the series Gotham. Like his mainstream counterpart, he has a habit of carving a scar into his body, for every kill he has caused.

Leading his own band of female assassins, he is one of the most feared psychos in the city. He is a supporting villain in the show, appearing as a major antagonist in the first, second and third seasons.

He is portrayed by Anthony Carrigan, who also portrayed Kyle Nimbus.


Season 1

Zsasz first appears in "Penguins Umbrella" after it comes out that Gordon didn't kill Penguin when Falcon sends him, and two of his assassins to the GCPD station to collect Gordon. Gordon refuses, and asks Zsasz if he'll come after him in a room filled with cops. But Zsasz calmly orders everyone out, leading to the entire GCPD abandoning Gordon. A fire fight breaks out between Gordon and them. Zsasz manages to wound Gordon, but Montoya and Allen manage to rescue him in time. Zsasz however does manage to kill another officer, who wandered onto the scene unaware of what was going on.

Later when Bullock and Gordon confront Falcone, he reveals that Zsasz has Barbara and will kill her if they do not back down. Although Bullock does not believe him, Gordon won't take the risk and gives up. Zsasz then enters the room with Barbara, revealing that Falcone wasn't bluffing. On Carmine's orders Zsasz releases Barbara.

Later on, when Liza has seemingly been kidnapped by Fish Mooney, Zsasz repeatedly offers to take his crew and get her back. But contemplating retiring, Falcone hesitates, up until Penguin reveals to him that Liza is in fact a mole for Fish, using Falcone's memorys of his mother to gain his trust. Infuriated at being deceived and having the memory of his mother besmirched, Falcone sends Zsasz in. He and his crew attack and kill all Fish's followers. Then they capture Fish and Butch, after Falcone kills Liza.

Following Butch escaping and rescuing Fish, they go to her former club to confront Cobblepot. However half way through, Zsasz and his group arrive to recapture or kill them. In the gun battle Butch manages to kill one of Zsasz assassins, angering Zsasz. In return Zsasz manages to shoot Butch in the leg. Butch manages to let Fish escape, but Zsasz captures Butch.

He then spends several weeks torturing him, until Butch is to broken to disobey. Taking him to Penguin in this state, he hands him over to help Penguin run Fish's club (once again on Falcone's orders).

Season 2

You just met Victor Zsasz... Works for Penguin these days...
~ Gordon to his Task Force
After Falcone's retirement Victor begins working for Oswald. The pair of them threaten Commissioner Gillian Loeb to give Jim Gordon his job back in the G.C.P.D. and force Loeb to retire as commissioner.

Zsasz in the bureau of mayoral candidate Hobbs

On Penguins orders he enters the bureau of mayoral candidate Hobbs. Hobbs, who is aware that someone tries to murder him, tells Zsasz that he has fife guards and Zsasz is alone. Zsasz replies that it only seems fair and quickly shoots two of Hobbs guards. While the remaining men bring Hobbs outside they are pursued by Zsasz. Hobbs and one guard manage to get outside where the guard is shot by Zsasz. Zsasz is disturbed by the arrival of Gordon and his new founded Task Force. They try to take down Zsasz but the hitman is abe to shoot two of them before being shot himself. Groaning "Unexpected!", he sinks to the ground. Before Gordon or the task force can reach him, he shoots a hydrant which erupts in a water fountain. In the chaos Zsasz escapes.

Along with most of Penguin's crew, Zsasz watches the TV when Theo Galavan tells the media that people like Penguin have no place at Gotham anymore and will be hunted down. Angrily Penguin smashes the TV and states that Galavan will die tonight.

Zsasz, leading a horde of killers is then sent by Penguin to kill Butch. Zsasz, waiting outside of the dinner Butch is in, states that everyone who leaves now will not be harmed whereas everyone who stays will die. This leads to Butch's men deserting, leaving their boss and friend alone. Only Bullock and Harvey remain, fending off Zsasz and his female assassin group until the police arrives.

Season 3

Amongst others, Zsasz is present when Penguin vows revenge on the Red Hood Gang. When Penguin finds the location of the gang's hideout, he, Zsasz and other henchmen head there, only to find that Butch has already killed the entire gang.


Zsasz reveals that he captured Tabitha

Zsasz later becomes part of Nygma's plan to frame Butch. Feigning treason, Zsasz and Nygma claim that they want Penguin dead and want Butch to join them. When Butch refuses, Zsasz reveals that he captured Tabitha Galavan, giving Nygma leverage over Butch. Nygma forces Butch to shoot at Cobblepot but the gun Zsasz provided is revealed to be filled with blanks. Nygma calls out Butch as a traitor and Zsasz approaches Butch from behind, shooting him in the knees and forcing him to the ground.

Days later, Zsasz is used by Mario Calvi, son of Carmine Falcone, to set a trap for Jim Gordon. Calvi, who has been infected with Alice Tetch's virus and is about to wed Gordon's ex-girlfriend Lee Thompkins. When Jim enters Calvi's house to stop him, Calvi reminds Jim that he is still Falcone's son. Zsasz reveals himself, holding Jim at gunpoint. Calvi then leaves the building, leaving Zsasz behind to guard Jim. However, secretly on Calvi's orders, Zsasz lets Jim go after a short time. He even hands Jim back his gun, albeit without the magazine. To get his bullets back from Zsasz, Jim knocks him out, leaving him unconscious in Calvi's living room as Jim races after Calvi.


Zsasz comes after Gordon

After Jim has murdered Calvi to save Lee, Falcone sends Zsasz into Jim's home. While he waits for Jim to arrive, Zsasz helps himself to the contents of Jim's fridge. Once Jim has arrived, Zsasz claims that he has come as a messenger and that Falcone is beside himself in grief for his son. Jim claims that he wants to talk to Falcone but Zsasz replies that they are way past that and that it is only a matter of time until Falcone gives orders to eliminate Gordon. Zsasz claims that, should Falcone give the order, Jim will not be able to escape Zsasz or stop him from hunting down Gordon. However, Zsasz also claims that Jim is a 'good egg' and that he did a good job on Mario, whom Zsasz never liked. His message delivered, Zsasz then turns around and leaves the flat.

The same day, Falcone indeed puts out a hit on Gordon, causing Zsasz and two of his henchwomen to go after him. When Gordon and Bullock interrupt a meeting of insane followers of Jerome Valeska, Zsasz shows up and aims at Gordon with a machine gun. Aware that Zsasz will only come after him, Jim sends Bullock away and escapes into a restaurant kitchen. There, he waits for Zsasz to arrive. When the hitman appears, Gordon tricks him and attacks him from behind, resulting in a fight between the two. Gordon once again manages to knock out Zsasz and then picks up Zsasz's pistol and fires at the unconscious hitman multiple times. As the gun is empty, Jim merely walks off.


The stalemate at Gordon's flat

However, Zsasz does not stop hunting Jim. When Jim returns to his home where he is rejoined by Bullock, Zsasz turns up moments later and shoots up the flat. Searching the room, he then finds Bullock and aims his gun at him but Jim sneaks up on Zsasz from behind and in turn aims a shotgun at Zsasz. The stalemate is resolved when Carmine Falcone personally arrives at the flat and orders Zsasz to stand down and go home, telling him that the job is cancelled. Zsasz then happily leaves the building.

Episodic appearances

Season 1

  • Penguin's Umbrella
  • What The Little Bird Told Him
  • Welcome Back, Jim Gordon
  • The Blind Fortune Teller

Season 2

  • Rise of the Villains: Damned If You Do...
  • Rise of the Villains: Strike Force
  • Rise of the Villains: Mommy's Little Monster

Season 3

  • Mad City: Anything for You
  • Mad City: Beware the Green-Eyed Monster
  • Mad City: Ghosts




  • Unlike his mainstream counterpart, Zsasz generally kills with a gun, while his counterpart prefers knives and dislikes guns calling them "unreliable."
  • Although still a villain, this version of Victor Zsasz is not as crazy as his comic book counterpart as he only follows orders to those he works for and unlike his mainstream version doesn't just murder anyone for the sake of it. Despite his feud with Jim Gordon he always shows some sort of respect for him, and when Falcone calls off a hit Zsasz simply leaves satisfied without making a fuss.


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