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Victor Von Vulture is the main antagonist of Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot vs. The Voodoo Vultures from Venus.

The Voodoo Vultures from Venus

Victor lives on Venus and severely hates living on it because it's so hot that everyone's food melts. So he summons an army of Voodoo Vultures and launches a powerful ray toward Earth - and the televisions of Squeakyville.

After being late for supper three times this very week, Ricky and his Mighty Robot are forbidden to watch TV by his parents until they learn to take responsibility for their actions. While they're asleep, the ray sends a sinister message: "Obey the Voodoo Vultures," hypnotizing the citizens.

The next day, Ricky discovers that the food in his house is missing and the people are hypnotized and carrying food. With that, he and the robot discover that Victor Von Vulture has taken over Squeakyville and turned everyone into voodoo slaves, giving the Voodoo Vultures their food. Ricky also discovers that Victor is controlling the citizens with a mind-controlling device.

Thinking fast, Ricky and the Robot cook up giant chocolate chip cookies (which the Vultures had demanded) laden with chili peppers from Mexico in the school cafeteria to distract the Vultures. Bravely, Ricky carries the cookies to the Vultures, pretending to be hypnotized. The Voodoo Vultures grab the cookies and devour them. While they dance around in pain from the hot peppers, the Robot crushes the mind-control invention, freeing the townspeople.

Victor doesn't stop there; he takes Ricky hostage and carries him into the air while the Voodoo Vultures corner the Robot. Ricky pulls a feather out of Victor's rear end and starts tickling him with it. The evil vulture lets go of him, leading Ricky to fall until the Robot saves him.

With a swift lunge, the Robot grabs up Victor, who cries out for his henchmen to save him. There is a fierce battle, and while the Robot fights back, Victor gets clobbered in the process. He summons his hench-birds to attack Ricky's Robot, who manages to defeat them.

The Voodoo Vultures retreat and fly back to Venus. Afterwards, Ricky and the Robot take Victor to the slammer before arriving home in the nick of time for dinner.