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Victor Von Venom is the main antagonist of Revenge of the Fallen by The CobraCraft

Victor Von Venom

 Victor was a military commando along side Cebastian. He got jealous and tried to destroy Cebastian. The two got into a fight. Victor was defeated and forced to run far, far away. Victor kidnapped Selen, knowing Cebastian would try to save her. He sent a skelegoon in a plane to bomb the area and kill them.

Victor decided to change his approach and decided to infect them with his work-in-progress nightmare infection. It will make anyone it infects hallucinate their biggest fear, frightening Cebastian and his friends. Victor believed that his infection would destroy their minds. Cebastian went to Victors ship and the two dueled. Cebastian shot a rocket, injuring Victor. Cebastian ran away while the room Victor was in crumbled along with the rest of his ship. The part he was in land on earth. Luckily, Victor fell out before it crashed and got destroyed. Victor got his oxygen mask on. Once Victor was breathing, he sent an arsenal of skelegoons after Cebastian. He captured one of Cebastians friends and mind controlled him. After that, the film ended with Victor bringing his new nightmare curse to life. However, it also said that a hero (Possibly Cebastaian) will defeat Victor for good.

Victor 2

Victor in Revenge of the Fallen 2

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