File that in your report! Leave Louise Williams alone, pal, or you and I are going to be close friends!
~ Vic extorting a Welfare agent.

Victor Vance is the main playable protagonist in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories and the older brother of Lance Vance and Pete Vance.


Victor was a military corporal stationed in Fort Baxter in Vice City to pay for Pete's medical bills. He was discharged from duty when drugs were found in his barracks and brought a prostitute which were ordered by his superior Sergeant Martinez. Realizing that he was been tricked, Victor does various jobs and becomes a rising crime boss.

He also met a woman named Louise and falls in love with her but she was killed by the Mendez brothers when they tried to take over Vance's empire. Victor avenge Louise by destroying the Mendez Building in the Downtown area of Vice City and killed Diego Mendez and Jerry Martinez.

Two years later, he engages in a drug deal with Tommy Vercetti. All was well until Ricardo Diaz's men ambushed them and killed Victor. Lance manages to avenge Vic by killing Diaz with the help of Tommy Vercetti.



  • Victor Vance is the only GTA 3D Era protagonist to canonically die.