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Victor Sweet

Goddamn it, I like the way you do business
~ Victor Sweet to Jeremiah Mercer

Victor Sweet is the main antagonist of the 2005 film Four Brothers. Along with Detective Fowler, he is a sadistic gang leader.

He was portrayed by Chiwetel Ejiofor.


Victor Sweet is a sadistic gang leader who is a gangster. He sent gangsters to kill Evelyn Mercer. He hasn't really seen until he kills a guy by stabbing him in the neck.


Sweet thinks he has money but actually Jeremiah gives to this former co workers instead, He asks one of his co-workers Evan for a pistol but Evan tells him Uh.. No.. bitch." You forgot that i was in the union. Victor Sweet then starts some trash talking about people being scared to fight him and that Victor Sweet is the "champ".

Final Fight and Death

One of Evelyn's sons Bobby Mercer shows up and gives his gun to Jeremiah. He engages Victor Sweet in a hand to hand fight in which Sweet cheats by kicking Bobby in the groin. Bobby is able to recover and gives Sweet the beating of his life and knocks him out.

Sweet is then thrown into the freezing ice hole where he dies by freezing to death after being knocked out.


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