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Victor Paul Gitano

Victor Paul Gitano was a villain from Law and Order: SVU. Gitano was a sadistic pedophile, and very proud of it. He lured kids in, then raped, tortured and killed them. He didn't discriminate by gender and was basically portrayed as a complete monster.


When trying to hunt Gitano down, things didn't quite go as planned and he managed to kill one of the two kids he had with him in a subway station full of people by slashing his throat, then almost killed Benson the same way - when they cornered Gitano in a warehouse, he managed to get behind Stabler and held him at gunpoint with a shotgun.

Gitano, despite knowing he'd get caught or killed, outright boasted that he killed the other child he had and bragged that she was a "slut" and a "real little whore" before killing her, even though he never got the chance to molest her. Fortunately for Stabler, Gitano is promptly killed by a police sharpshooter.