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Now listen to me, my tough little friend. I don't know from under what stone you crawled, or where you get these ridiculous ideas about me, but it seems painfully obvious you haven't the slightest fucking idea who you're dealing with. Now, my advice to you is crawl back to your little stone in Detroit, before you get squashed. Okay?
~ Victor Maitland to Axel Foley.

Victor Maitland is the main antagonist in the 1984 action-comedy film Beverly Hills Cop.

He was portrayed by Steven Berkoff, who also portrays General Orlov and Lieutenant Colonel Podovsky.


Victor Maitland is a corrupt drug smuggler who lives in Beverly Hills, and he owns an art gallery which serves as a front for his cocaine smuggling operations. A Detroit cop named Axel Foley travels to Beverly Hills and involves himself with Maitland after his friend Mikey Tandino, who worked for Maitland, is killed by gangsters. It is revealed that Maitland had Mikey eliminated after he discovered he was stealing from him, and after being pestered by Axel once too often, Maitland discovers him sneaking into his cocaine factory with his partner Jenny Summers and orders his men to kill him. Maitland then kidnaps Jenny and leaves.

Axel escapes with the help of his police accomplices and later infiltrates Maitland's home, which is heavily guarded. After killing all of Maitland's bodyguards, Maitland shoots Axel in the arm whilst holding Jenny hostage. He is then distracted by the arrival of Lieutenant Andrew Bogomil, allowing Jenny to break free of his grasp, before being shot to death by Axel.