Victor lance

Victor Lance was a photographer out to capture a photo of Golgo 13 opening fire. After a successful assignment of photgraphing a naked woman, he is given one last assignment before he retires, photograph Golgo 13. He had to take a risk, Golgo can't let anyone who sees him killing anyone live. When he received of Golgo planning to kill someone, he prepares to get his photo, but fails to notice Golgo killing his target from another safe distance, a moving boat. When Golgo is staying in a London hotel for another job, Lance sets up another trap. He sends a call to the hotel about a bomb he planted in the building, causing a panic. Golgo moves his position to a fire escape. Just as Victor is about to get his photo, light comes off the camera, Golgo shoots out the camera then kills his target. Victor begins to feel so ruined, because Golgo sensed the light coming off his camera. He phoned his superiors to toast his "not becoming legend". Outside, Lance sees Golgo and calls him a monster, before a gunshot is heard. We don't know whether Lance is dead or alive after the shot.