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Victor Kresnik was a hidden minor villain in Tales of Xillia 2. He was Ludger Will Kresnik from a parallel dimension and the father of Elle Mel Marta. He was voiced by Takashi Kondo in Japanese and English Dubbed by Josh Grelle, who also provided the same voices for Ludger.

In the fractured dimension, it was mentioned that Victor was responsible for killing Jude and his friends after Elle was born. This causes Victor to be both a divergence catalyst and a waymarker. In the prime dimension, he was seen giving Elle a pocketwatch, telling her to catch the train and then run to the Land of Cannan. Back in the fractured dimension, Elle was seen reuniting with Victor and he gave the group a dinner party. Shortly afterwards, Victor reveals his true nature and tells everyone that he plans on usurping Ludgers role in the prime dimension in order for him and Elle to be "reborn" there. After the tough battle, as Victor was about to kill Ludger, he goes as far as shoving Elle out of the way which would've hurt her if Ludger did not help Elle, only for the tables to turn on him instead. After his death and the dimensions disappearance, Elle cried severely and (briefly) held a grudge against the real Ludger.

Ludger becomes Victor in the bad ending.