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Victor Gomez is a minor baddy from the children's TV series Thunderbirds. An old racing buddy of Alan's, he is annoyed when he finds Alan has come out of retirement to compete in a desert race, especially with a new racecar, the BR2 Lightning 505.


Gomez appears once in the beloved 1960's series, in an episode called Move - And You're Dead.

In this episode, Alan is flown to the Arizonan Desert in Thunderbird 2, so he can use Brains' new racing engine for his car, the BR2 Lightning 505. He drives to the Parola Sands Racing base, to meet his old friend Kenny Malone, his mechanic. At the bar, Alan meets 2 of his rivals, Gomez and Johnnie Gillespie, and they have a bit of a talk, about who might win, what's in the cars, etc.

The day of the race. With everybody on Tracy Island watching the race on TV, it begins. Despite numerous crashes, Alan wins, proving to Brains that his new engine is successful. Whilst Alan gets interviewed on TV, Gomez and Gillespie plan to kill Alan for making them lose the race.

The first way Gomez tries to kill Alan is by taking over the base's car stacking system, and forcing a competitor's car onto the phone box Alan's in whilst he's making a call to Tracy Island, making plans to pick up his grandmother and rendezvous with Thunderbird 2. However, it's a case of bad timing, as the crushing goes awry (Alan walks out of the box at the same time the car falls).

The next day, Alan picks up his grandmother, and is driving to the rendezvous point, when he gets ambushed by Gomez and Gillespie, who trap both of them on a bridge with explosives strapped to it. Gillespie also attaches an ultrasonic wave generator to it, which means that Alan and Grandma will be killed by the bomb if they move (movement will disturb the waves).

Alan calls his father, Jeff, via his radio-watch, and tells him how this happened. Jeff sends Scott in Thunderbird 1 and Virgil and Brains in Thunderbird 2 to rescue them. Brains sends out the Neutraliser Tractor to disable the ultrasonic generator, so Virgil can use the Jet Air Transporter to rescue Alan and Grandma (who's already passed out because of the heat). They speed off just before the bomb detonates. Scott then takes flight in Thunderbird 1 and uses its cannon to disrupt Gomez and Gillespie, who are escaping in the BR2 Lightning. The car veers over the edge of a cliff, apparently killing both Gomez and Gillespie.