Vicki Salinas
Vicki Salinas is the true main villainess from "Mr. Monk and the Paperboy," from the second season of Monk.

She was played by the late Nicole DeHuff.

Vicki Salinas was one of the co-workers of a convenience store, where Monk's neighbor, Kevin Dorfman, buys a lottery ticket. After she and her co-worker, Boz Harrelson, learn that Kevin won the jackpot, they work together to steal his winnings. Because Kevin and Monk live in the same building, they kill Monk's paperboy so he wouldn't find out about the winning numbers. Vicki later cozies up to Kevin and becomes his girlfriend, after barely noticing him when he bought his ticket. The plan originally involved killing Kevin so Vicki and Boz would split the winnings, but while the pair met in an alley, the villainous Vicki killed her partner, clearly wanting sole possession of the jackpot. In the episode's climax, Vicki planned to kill Kevin by driving him onto the train tracks, with a train about to arrive, but Monk and Sharona arrive in time to save Kevin and take down Vicki.