Vicki WOH
There's one thing you should know about wolves. They always come in packs.
~ Vicki Romer, while revealing herself as a werewolf
Vicki Romer is a minor villainess from "Werewolf of Hollywood," an episode of Monsters.

She was played by Geraldine Leer.


Vicki was hired by director Leo Tandovsky to work with noted writer Buzz Hunkle to work with him on a film titled, "Werewolf of Hollywood." But when Vicki and Buzz see an actual werewolf kill Leo, both come to the conclusion that the werewolf is producer Billy Mariner. Vicki hands Buzz an gun filled with silver bullets just in case their hunch is right, but when Buzz fires his gun at a transforming Billy, it turns out to be filled with real bullets. Billy is killed with Buzz's Silver Pen award, and Vicki appears and reveals that she did set up Buzz, but not to further her career. Vicki also reveals that Billy is her uncle and starts brandishing her own set of fangs, revealing herself as a werewolf. The episode ends with Werewolf Vicki snarling at Buzz and commenting that wolves "always come in packs."