Peter Forster

Vicker Cavendish

Vicker Cavendish is the main villain of the Three Stooges film Around the World in a Daze.

He was portrayed by ???.

Cavendish is an infamous con man in England, with his weaselly Cockney co-conspirator Filch. He had a scheme inspired by the book, "Around the World in 80 Days".

The Stooges served Phileas Fogg III, great-grandson of the original Phileas Fogg. The group must earn money to live on along the way as the wager was made with the provision young Fogg bring no money. Cavendish confronts Mr. Fogg under the name Randolph Stuart III, the descendant of the original Fogg's nemesis. He tricked him into accepting a bet to duplicate his great-grandfather's famous trip around the world. Cavendish made the bet in order to cover up his robbing the bank of England by framing Fogg for the crime. They are caught and arrested in Canada by the British inspector.