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Well looks like my little plan is working
~ Vic Van Wrinkle
Let's see how Horrid this boy Henry is shall we?, COME ON!, DO IT!
~ Vic to the school inspectors.

Victor "Vic" Van Wrinkle is the main antagonist of the 2011 Live-action comedy Horrid Henry: The Movie.

He is potrayed by Richard E. Grant.

Role in Horrid Henry: The Movie

Van Wrinkle appears in Horrid Henry: The Movie where he is played by Richard E. Grant and owns Brickhouse School. He wants children's parents to be paying him a lot of money for their children to come to Brickhouse School. In the end, Pete reveled his plan and tied the laces of his shoes; therefore, while trying to escape from the authorities, he falls out the window. At the end, Van Wrinkle and His Partners are arrested and sent to the local jail.


  • He is possibly based on Mr. Nerdon.


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