Viblis is one of the four servants of Dark King in Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart.

She is the most serious member of the group, and often scolds Uraganos and Circulas when they argue.


She has short yellow-orange hair and pinkish skin, green eyes and wears a pink blouse with some green-golden models. Her boots and her hand warmers are red. She has a violet long vest and green earrings.


Viblis is violent and cruel. She is very impatient when something does not go her way.

Pretty Cure Max Heart

Viblis first appears in the second season, Pretty Cure Max Heart in Honoka's birthday, just as this is more decayed because of an incident in the science club. Viblis shown that attacks always very confident confident that defeat Pretty Cure. Regarding Luminous, Viblis not seem very interested at first but then has a certain obsession to destroy it, which is only stopped by Baldez.

The rest of the season three alternate guardians to fight the Pretty Cure, the shape of Viblis attack suddenly and very direct, very frightening doing your attacks. A melting point with Baldez Dark King, this tells merging but they also prefer to get it over with all the Pretty Cure, using his power to the fullest and sacrificing his life to break the Sprakle Bracelets.