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Vexos Dragonoid is a minor villain from Bakugan New Vestroia and the corrupted form from the main protagonist Drago. He is voiced by Jason Deline.


Vexos Dragonoid was first seen when Spectra takes Drago from Dan and turns into into his corrupted form, he uses the forbidden ability cards on Drago, Drago cries and he is afraid that it will die, Apollonir succeeded to free Drago from Spectra's command and turns him back to his regular form, after Vexos Dragonoid was turned back into Neo Dragonoid, he reunited Dan and Apollonir has the power to cure Drago from Spectra's mind control. 


Vexos Dragonoid is similiar to MetalGreymon (Virus), both of them are the corrupted forms of the protagonists and the brainwashed servants to the antagonists.

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