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To avoid confusion, it should be noted that this page is about the version of the character from the 2013 Sam Mendes musical, not the book or film.


Daughter of a spineless British billionaire, Veruca only managed to find her golden ticket by emotionally blackmailing her father into using his peanut factory to search for the ticket she so desperately wanted, and when she got it rather than thank her father for his over indulging and rather expensive present, she instead demands that he buy her North Korea. During her press interview, it becomes clear that Veruca is a master in the art of emotional manipulation using everything from extreme temper tantrums to a softy goody please to get what she wants and what's worse, her dimwitted daddy fell for it every time.

On the day of the Wonka factory tour, Veruca arrives in a frilly tutu and a "baby seal jacket clubbed then tickled pink" and is highly rude and obnoxious to everyone she meets almost instantly striking up a fierce rivalry with fellow ticket winner and equally unbearable american counterpart, Violet Beuregarde. She even shows a slightly sadastic side during Violet's end game when she is seen laughing and even taking part in the Oompa Loompas dark take on roller disco. However, she soon meets her endgame in the Nut Room.

Upon entering the Nut Room, she immediately takes a shine to the squirrels which are used to sort the good nuts from the bad and demands that her father to buy her one, but much to both their surprise, Wonka says no and unsurprisingly, she does not take it well throwing a massive tantrum declaring "No one says no to Veruca Salt!" She then bolts over the barrier to grab a squirrel for herself foolishly ignoring Wonka's warnings about the squirrels. Instantly, she picks one on the left row and almost immediately, she is judged to be a bad nut. Then, several Oompa Loompas riding over sized squirrels appear and begin a nightmare ballet called "Veruca's Nutcracker Sweet" where they berate Veruca for her spoilt and wasteful attitude and how she is so spoilt that she belongs among the other spoilt trash below. They then pick her up and throw her around the room eventually forcing her into the garbage chute, but before they can properly flush her away, her dimwit dad attempts a rescue but the Oompa Loompas then turn on him calling out his responsibility for Veruca's rotten attitude and force him into the chute as well. They then are able to flush the idiotic pair down the sewer pipe. 


Charlie Bucket then asks Wonka where the chute leads to. Wonka then reveals it leads to the sewage treatment plant and how he feels more sorry for the sewer than the gormless cretins who were flushed. He then realises the day and reveals that on Tuesdays, the chute is diverted to an incinerator much to the guests' horror, but he assures them that the pair will be fine and even if they are disintergrated, Veruca would not want them to mourn and let's face it, she always got what she wanted.

What becomes of Veruca after the factory is unknown .

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