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This... all of this... destruction... GRAAAAAUUUUUUR. VEEEEEEEERSE.
~ Verse
Verse is the main villain and final boss of The King of Fighters XIV.


Verse is a mysterious being whose existence came as a result of the time paradox caused by Ash Crimson on the previous King of Fighters tournament. He is an amalgamation of lost souls, whose evil presence can be felt across time and space. His powers are tied to those of Shun'Ei, such that they resonate when close to each other.

Verse manifests itself at the end of the tournament, destroying the coliseum where the final battle with the host Antonov took place. After he is defeated, he explodes and releases all of the souls contained within his being. However, his presence can still be felt, implying he may return again in the future.



  • Verse's winquotes and some of the endings reveal that many of the souls contained within him are those of previous deceased characters from the series, such as Rugal Bernstein, Orochi, Krizalid, Igniz and Ash Crimson.

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