Senator Vernon Trent is the main villain of the film Hard to Kill.

He was portrayed by William Sadler.


He made a deal with an underworld mob boss and even told him "And you can take that to the bank!". After a foiled robbery, Trent sends his best henchmen Jack Axel and Max Quentaro to kill Mason Storm's family to make it look like he killed his family then shot himself.

Years later after recovery, Mason sees a commercial of Vernon who said: "And you can take that to the bank!" Recognizing the voice, Mason now knows who he has to go after to get his revenge and even mocks Trent's phrase by saying "I'm gonna take you to the bank. To the blood bank!" Later on, Mason Storm gets his revenge on the 2 corrupt cops who tried to kill his son and murdered his wife.

Mason finally manages to confront Senator Trent, and holds him at gunpoint when the police storm the mansion. However, rather than arresting Mason, the police arrest Senator Trent and take him away.