Vernon Schillinger is a main protagonist/antagonist in the TV series OZ.

Schillinger is the leader of the Aryan Brotherhood in Oz penitentiary. He deeply hates and occasionally kills Jews, black men, and homosexuals (which is ironic since he also rapes male inmates).

Vernon Schillinger is also the main antagonist of Tobias Beecher's storyline. After being his sex slave for a whole season, Beecher ends up fighting back, humiliating his rapist. The rest of the series have them trying to hurt each other the most possible, which gets them to have the son of the other killed.

Schillinger does have, like all inmates, some moments of kindness. He loves his sons (to whom he transmitted his beliefs) and tries to support his stepdaughter, who gave birth to his grandchild. However, Schillinger is also one of the most cruel and dangerous criminals featured in Oz, and despite sometimes wishing to, never stops to make a hell out of Beecher and other inmates' lives.