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Verne after being shot.

Verne is an inhabitant of Mortlake. He, along with several others, first appears in the Dirty Hole Pub when the outsiders arrive. Like all the other locals, they find the appearance of strangers in their pub abnormal.

Later, Verne helps get Jeff comfortable after he is injured but when Jim kills Jeff, he and several others get the other outsiders into the cellar. He later accompanies Jim and other local men to recapture the three remaining outsiders. After the outsiders’ van runs over several locals, Jim tells him to get the driver out, however Verne opens the door to discover there is no one at the wheel.

When they get to the cottage, he starts playing his banjo but he doesn’t realize the outsiders are armed with Gris’s rifle until Tim, who is behind the front door, aims it at his head. A shot rings out and Verne turns round, revealing he has been shot in the head, and he falls down dead. When Kate opens the front door, Jim is evidently paying his respects to him, as he can be heard saying ‘look after him. What a way to go. Ahem’.

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