Vermithrax Pejorative (also known as Vermithrax) is the main antagonist in the 1981 Disney/Paramount film, Dragonslayer.

Role in the film

Vermithrax was a threatening, vicious, and mean dragon who sat her cold eyes on a peaceful land known as Urland. Demanding virgin sacrifices twice a year, the dragon remained docile, only killing when its chosen at random victims were brought. Rumors soon began to grow that rich and powerful men were keeping their daughters out of the lottery, and soon help was sent to get the last wizard alive, Ulrich, to defeat the creature. After Ulrich was seemingly killed by Tyrian, it was up to his apprentice, Galen, to destroy the ravenous killer. 

Thinking he buried the monster under an entire mountain via magical powers, Galen was soon proven wrong, Enraged, Vermithrax attacked the village with relentless hate. Spewing flames and making several swipes, she almost burnt the entire community to the ground.

Once again the lottery was underway, and this time the princess, now knowing her father was keeping her from being sacrificed, purposely rigged it so that she would be. Despite the king’s eagerness for a do over, she was readied to be sacrificed, and Galen, now armed with a dragon slayer spear and shield made of its own scales, was ready to fight back!

After defeating Tyrian and killing the dragon’s three babies, Galen attacked Vermithrax, stabbing his magical blade into its neck. As the wyvern thrashed, the handle snapped, leaving Galen weaponless. Hiding behind his shield as it unleashed Hell, Galen somehow escaped, making Vermithrax go on another one of its frightening rampages.

However, death would soon come to the fiend. Now realizing why Ulrich allowed himself to be killed, Galen revived his old master with the use of his ashes. As the dragon flew around, the sorcerer told Galen to destroy the amulet he was residing in when the time was right.

Standing on top a mountain and luring the dragon, the wizard used lightening to strike the creature, but still it refused to die. Spitting fountains of flames from its jaws, the dragon snatched the wizard in its talons and began to fly away. On the ground below, Galen excitedly smashed the amulet, making the wizard turn into a fiery blast that not even Vermithrax could withstand. Her flesh was ripped from its bones and she fell from the sky dead, leaving a freed country side breathing sighs of relief.