Vermeer was the Griffon Kyoto in the XVIII Century.

Vermeer in the Castle

Vermeer was a serious specter, a serious villain. He was a bad guy, and hates traitors and funny guys. He suspected of Suikyo and hates him.

Veermer goes to kill Tenma, Dohko and Shion in Hades Castle, but, Suikyo saves them and promises to kill them. But Pandora calls the two Kyotos to send Suikyo to the 12 Temples of Zodiac.

Vermeer with Mi Yan, suspects about Suikyo loyalty.

Send to Yomotsu

With Suikyo death, to the happiness of Vermeer, because he thinks Suikyo was neither Athena's servant, nor Hades servant, and only was a neutral guy that took advantage of the two armies while served each one.

He arrives in Yomotsu, Deathtoll, simulates fear, swear loyalty to Hades again (to avoid useless battles, because he will lose to Vermeer, so, don't worth it fight [unlike Ikki, that fights battles wherein he know will lost]), send Ikki (that hate Deathtoll attitude) back to the Cancer Temple (but he tells Vermeer he sent Ikki to another dimension) and Vermeer ask to Deathtoll guide him to 12 temples, but Deathtoll try vainly arrest Vermeer in Omerta, but continues cheating Griffon, that don't perceives his goal. Vermeer belittles Suikyo when he sees Suikyo is really dead; Deathtoll gets angry and scolds Vermeer (says Suikyo is more man than he), so, Vermeer desist to use Deathtoll to help him across the last 8 temples, and try to kill him. Deathtoll arrests Vermeer in Omerta, but, the last string control his body to open the Omerta for the outside, freeing Vermeer.

Vermeer gives a last choice to Deathtoll and ask to he guide him athwart the last 8 temples, and Deathtoll refuses because he is now a servant of Athena. Vermeer twists Deathtoll's body, but Ikki saves him, and uses his Phoenix Houou Genma-ken, to weaken the Kyoto. Ikki would hit Vermeer, with the final stroke, but Deathtoll asks for finish him, and push him in the death hole.