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Verlox in "The Quest"

Verlox is the main antagonist of the reality show (blended with fantasy fiction) "The Quest".


He appeared 1,000 years ago controlling the land of Everealm before the Fates summoned twelve paladins to save the land and one of them used the sunspear to send Verlox away. 1,000 years later, Verlox returned to Everealm in an attempt regain control of the land. The Fates summoned 12 new people (Adria, Andrew, Bonnie, Lina, Leticia, Shondo, Jim, Katie, Ashley, Patrick, Jasmine, and Christian) to come and save the land. But Verlox somehow anticipated the prophecy and is bent on revenge and will stop at nothing to prevent them from using the Sunspear. In a strategic move he has his minions and beasts to raid the castle of Saenctum forcing Queen Ralia XXIII, Sir Ansgar, Crio, and the six remaining paladins into exile.

It turns out that he got the knowledge of the prophecy from The Grand Vizier, who made numerous attempts to sabotage the Paladins from fulfilling the prophecy.

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Verlox comes face-to-face with Lina.

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Verlox and Lina fight

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Verlox's defeat

In the final episode, when Lina armed with the sunspear confronts him face-to-face, they battle it out. Lina brought Verlox to the ground. The Vizier attempted to stop her, but was apprehended by Sir Ansgar. Using the sunspear, Lina destroyed Verlox, blasting him into smithereens.