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The Veritzen's Tolerance Camp Warden is the strict and harsh leader of the titular camp in the South Park episode "The Death Camp of Tolerance".


The camp is similar to the Auschwitz concentration camp and the staff wear Nazi uniforms and speak in stereotypical German accent.  When the boys are sent there for being intolerant of Mr. Garrison's flamboyant homosexuality, the warden forces them to do tolerance-themed arts and crafts and other busywork around the clock in harsh conditions such as Hot temperatures and Food deprivation.  

When the Parents finally realized the behavior that discomforted their children, They collect their Emaciated and Malnourished kids back from the camp and Mr Garrison was sent to the camp himself, deemed intolerant of his own behavior, and the Warden guarantees Mr Garrison that the Next "Veek" will be nothing but suffering when Mr Garrison is sent to the camp.

It is unknown how long the children were at the tolerance camp (In the next episode the boys are properly nourished as if the tolerance camp episode did not exist). Also, there is yet to be any references or appearances of the Warden after the events of "The Death Camp of Tolerance".