Once I've wiped out humanity, I will return to where I belong.
~ Verderinde
Verderinde is the leader of the witches, a main villain and the final boss of the game Knights Contract.

Role in game

Verderinde was one of the witches killed by Faust and the Inquisition after being accused of spreading the Black Death over the land. She is then, revived by him to take Gretchen's shard of an object called Anima del Monde, in exchange for her to take revenge on humanity. She constantly appears at Faust's side in some cutscenes and its the last witch to be defeated before the final confront with Faust.

She confronts Gretchen and Heinrich for the first time in Episode 12, as she send them and the young alchemist Minukelsus to a dark dimension created by herself. After that she will only appear as a boss fight in Episode 16. As she dies, the dimension which she created starts to disappear, and Minukelsus keeps the exit opened as Gretchen and Heinrich escape from there, he, however fails to escape from the dimension and dies.

After Faust's defeat, Verderinde appears again revealing that she was not dead and kills Faust with the Black Death curse, to make him pay for killing her and the other witches. She, then, reveals that she was using Faust all along in order to take all the shards of Anima del Monde for herself and have her revenge on humanity.

After her defeat, Verderinde tells Gretchen that the humans she just saved were going to kill themselves and the world, and that was a shame that they would end in disagreement.

Boss fights

Verderinde 2

Verderinde's second form

In the boss fight in Episode 16, Verderinde is very weak, as her attacks are easy to dodge and she is very vulnerable to magic, probably due to the fact her intent was to fake her death.

As the final boss, Verderinde appears as an armored creature and uses the spells of the other witches.