'Vera Walker is a prostitute crime ring owner in the 1989 movie Harlem Nights.

She was portrayed by the late Della Reese.


While she doesn't start off a villainess, her acts as the movie progresses turns her into one. Her villainry comes in her attempt to cheat Quick in a fight with Vera. Basically, Vera taunts Quick mercilessly, saying, "Nigga, you hit like a bitch." However, when Quick overpowers her in the fight, Vera tries to murder Quick with a razor knife. It's here that she becomes more evil and dark. All that Quick did was call Vera out on something she did, and she blew it out of proportion, almost ending with Quick's death.

In the end she doesn't really change because she provokes Benny into an argument, saying, "Get your blind ass in the car." Vera is just a nasty woman to begin with. She does show her nice side at times, but she can be quite nasty at times.