Anubis-Vera Devenish

Vera with her stuffed dog Dolores

Vera Devenish is a villain from the TV show "House of Anubis" on Nickelodeon. Nothing is known about her past. She is the housemother at Anubis House and she is an employee of Rufus Zeno. She pretends to be an ally of Victor Rodenmaar Jr., whom will fall in love with her, but actually it is a way to control him for Rufus. When Victor discovered that she was an employee of his arch enemy, he sent her away from Anubis House. She has a stuffed dog named Dolores. She was cursed by Senkhara


Vera's personality is very similar to Dolores Umbridge: in fact, initially they seem like nice ladies, but soon their true personality is revealed. Vera is a desperate woman, willing to do anything for Rufus Zeno. She is scared of him, but also may have some feelings for him. She's a tricky opponent and tough to beat. Along with Jasper Choudhary, she works for Rufus in Season 2. Unlike Jasper, she knows Rufus's true identity. Rufus works through her to blackmail Jasper into working for them. 


  • Vera is one of two characters, the other being Victor, who has a stuffed pet that they talk to.
  • Vera worked for the Collector, Rufus Zeno.
  • Vera wanted to stay mortal and have riches in 'this life' rather then become a god with Rufus.
  • The mask that she gave Rufus for his ceremony was actually the true mask; it was just missing it's third eye- the Frobisher gem- which made it utterly useless.
  • It is unknown to what happened to her after the Season 2 finale, but she most likely saw the event and fled.


  • "I have no idea who you are talking about. Who is R.Z?"
  • "Soon they will all be playing to our tune, even Victor."
  • "I'm in."
  • "Knock, knock, anyone home?"
  • "Remember the art of war, Victor."
  • "I'm glad to see my food is being appreciated..."
  • "Oh Victor, we make a perfect team!"
  • "Hello, this is Trudy Rehmann again. I'd like to cancel my appointment."
  • "What an impressive cellar!"
  • "For me, it stated with Dolores, I was devastated when she passed away. So instead of letting her go, I didn't."
  • "On the contrary, Trudy, I don't see how you're GETTING OUT."