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Ver'mith Ennda

Close-up of Ennda's face.

Ver'mith Ennda is the fifth and final boss of Triggerheart Exelica, a shoot-em-up game developed and released by Warashi.

Also known as the "Master Core", she is one of the Ver'mith cores which appeared on Earth. While the other four cores are male, Ennda is the only female. Unlike the other cores, she's the only one who attempted to communicate with the Triggerhearts, this can be seen with more detail in Exelica's Story Mode in Triggerheart Exelica Enhanced, where the communication attempt caused a painful noise in the Triggerheart's Communication Link.

In the Arcade Mode, Ennda captures one of the Triggerhearts (depending which one is unselected) to study her. But she's later destroyed by their Anchor Unit.


  • Ennda was voiced (and uncredited) by Yuko Ishibashi on the Dreamcast version, while Natsuko Kuwatani voices her on the PlayStation 2 "Enhanced" version.

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