Venus is a one-shot vilainess from the animated series The Tick. She is notable for being one of the only female primary antagonists to appear in the Tick, and the only one who does not posess the conventioal beauty of either classical or modern standards, while still taking the role of Femme fatale. She is modled not after the Greek goddess Venus, but the Venus fertility sculptures of Willendorf, believed to be dated to late paleolithic Europe. The theme is further explored as Venus cripples her foes by removing their arms, causing them to resemble both the Venus De Milo and to some extent the Willendorf Venus, whose arms can be difficult to make out. 

Evil acts

Venus is an adaptive thief, who is able to use both cunning and her sexuality in order to meet her goals. In her first encounter with the Tick, she manages to spellbind him with only a look, allowing her to steal the objects of her desire ufettered. While she incapacitates the Tick, she has her diminutive companion Milo shoot him and Arthur with a device of her creation, a ray that makes their arms fall off. After the villains escape from the Tick and Arthur, Venus orders Milo to attach their arms to a pair of crudely constructed robots who practically bear no resemblance to their real life counterparts. Venus uses the two shoddy facsimiles to assist her crime spree, and is comedically successful at convicing others that they are in fact the genuine Tick and Arthur. She uses them to earn herself a spot at the Enemy Awards, but the Tick and Arthur manage to infiltrate the award show and destroy the two robots. Venus is taken into police custody as well as Milo, and the Tick and Arthur reattatch their arms.