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Venus is a major villainess from SaGa II/Final Fantasy Legend II, based loosely on the Roman goddess of the same name but possessing a more arrogant and uncaring attitude: she ruled over her own city where she exiled anyone that didn't live up to her extreme standards of "beauty" - including an unfortunate soul by name of Leon who had a wounded leg, not only did Venus kick him out of her city for this "impurity" but also ordered his former fiance Flora to marry a more "suitable" groom in the form of Nils.
Throughout their stay in the city the heroes of the story are lied to by Venus about the existence of magi and have to hunt it down themselves, only to have a Power Magi stolen from them by Leon - by the time the heroes return back to Venus' city she has already ordered the wedding ceremony between Flora and Nils to begin, residing over it personally.
However a distraught Leon crashes the ceremony and maddened by his love for Flora tries to take on Venus but is no match for the goddess: when Flora tried to protect her true love from Venus the goddess continually abuses her until she too snaps and cuts her face, leaving a scar - so as to be exiled.
However Venus shows no sign of stopping and the heroes of the story finally confront the goddess and defeat her, freeing the inhabits of the city from her tyranny.

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