TF Venomark

Venomark is a major antagonist in Power Rangers Time Force. He is the third mutant to be released from the X-Vault by Frax both as distraction to Rangers and Ransik's forces as he destroys vials of serum that Ransik consume to supress the mutant's venom in him.

In spite of his small role, Venomark is considered as one of the main antagonists due to his significant role in his past by infecting Ransik, which led Frax (whom at that time a good-hearted doctor named Dr. Ferricks) to help him with the antidote to supress the venom which unfortunately, what led Ransik to steal his Cyclobots for evil and left the doctor to die, allowing him to transform into the robotic villain that we knew today.


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Venomark is a misanthropic abomination that only cared for poisoning and killing all life on earth. He is sadistic and indifferent on who he poisoned with his bite, and is angered when someone revealed to developed a cure that saved his victims and permanently destroyed venom in their blood. Reasons of his hatred and obsession to eradicate all life is unclear, which implied to be due to his mutant nature and prejudice against mutants like Ransik himself but too insane to join his cause.

However, Venomark does have certain degree of loyalty with Frax whom have him rampagin in city as much as he please, though he don't know that Frax was only using him.

Like other mutants, Venomark was born from unfortunate accidents in the future during genetic enhancement on babies in the lab where genetic essence.

Powers and Abilities

Venomark can infect people when he bites them. Venomark happens to be the one who infected Ransik with the awful disease that he needs the serum from Dr. Fericks to survive. As he prepares to kill Venomark, Ransik is interrupted by his illness, and stops to take his serum. Venomark becomes nervous. All the Rangers except for Wes and Eric are infected. A reproduced cure is dispatched throughout the city and this angers Venomark. He is taken in by the Shadow Force & Quantasaurus Megazords.