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Death by Soda

Death by Soda

The Vending Machine is a minor antagonist in Stephen King's Maximum Overdrive. It appears in an infamous scene where it kills a coach and a few players.


During a Junior league Baseball game, the coach goes to the vending machine to get sodas for the players. When he puts his money in the machine, it doesn't dispense immediately. Afterba few bangs on the machine, the vending machine shoots soda cans at the coach, with the first and second hits at his groin and stomach respectively, the third hit at his right eye, and several more on the coach and the kids. The coach and some kids dies. It was the first possessed object Deke Keller witnesses, in which he rides a bicycle to escape from other possessed objects.

Unlike the Happy Toyz (Green Goblin) Truck and the M274 Mule, it is not known to be destroyed. If it's not destroyed, its possessed effect from the UFO in Rhea-M could have faded as the UFO got destroyed, presumably turning it back to normal.