I will destroy you!
~ Vendetta
I don't care!
~ Vendetta

Vendetta is a protagonist villain in the web cartoon and television show, Making Fiends.


Vendetta is Italian for "blood feud and/or vicious" and she does live up to her name. She is a green girl who took over Clamburg, a small town in an undisclosed location by making fiendish, monstrous, aggressive, and devilish creatures called Fiends. The theme song is as is followed:

Once there was a little girl, a girl who could make fiends; she kept the whole town terrified, the girl who could make fiends. Then there came another girl who wanted to be friends, Vendetta can not stand her, so she plots her end. Making fiends, making fiends, Vendetta's always making fiends, making fiends, while Charolette makes friends. Like what is said in the theme song, a blue girl named Charolette arrives and considers Vendetta her best friend, completely unaware of her dictatorship of the town, and is constantly trying to kill her by her fiends, but Charolette always seems to get the best of her. She has a Bulgarian accent and seems to have shrunken her parents and feeds them croutons. She has a giant hamster fiend whom Charlotte refers to as "Grudge".