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Vemrin is a minor antagonist in Star Wars: The Old Republic, appearing as the first major antagonist during the Sith Warrior's storyline, during the prologue on Korriban. He was the Sith Warrior's rival to becoming Darth Baras' apprentice.

He first encountered the Sith Warrior on Korriban when he was summoned by Overseer Tremel. When word got out that the Warrior had aspirations to become Darth Baras' apprentice, Vemrin immediately became his rival, believing that it was his right. He sends his friend Dolgis to ambush the Warrior outside Tremel's office, but Dolgas ultimately fell.

After several more heated confrontations between the two (including one where Baras himself voiced his opinion that he liked the Warrior more than Vemrin) the Warrior encountered Vemrin in Tomb of Naga Sadow, where he had gone to retrieve an ancient lightsaber, and dueled him to the death.

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