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Velvet Vick

Velvet Vick

Groovy yo, daddy yo.
~ Velvet Vic's famous quote.
~ Velvet Vic's other famous quote.

Velvet Vic is the main antagonist of the episode "The Record Deal" of the Courage The Cowardly Dog cartoon series.

Vic was a famous pianist during his time. Eustace happens to be a big fan of his work. For some unknown reason, he is imprisoned in a record disc until Eustace frees him by playing the record. Velvet Vic gets Muriel to play the piano at the house and then gets her trapped in the record. To make sure she doesn't come back, he breaks the records and leaves to continue his career as a musician with Eustace as his manager.

Courage later goes to Shirley for help to get Muriel out of disc. Shirley told him to use a digital CD version of the record. Courage plays the CD while Velvet Vic is performing, freeing Muriel and imprisoning Vic for good.

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