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He bigger bully than you.
~ Petrie to Hyp about one of the Velociraptors.

The Velociraptors are the final antagonists of The Land Before Time III: The Time of the Great Giving.


The small sharpteeth were not seen until the climax of the movie when the dinosaurs enter the Mysterious Beyond. At least four of them appeared and attacked the herd. One was knocked out by a huge rock. The other three chased after the hatchlings, and blocked their path. However, the adults showed up behind them, resulting in a fight off-screen. The fight resulted in both the grown-ups and the sharpteeth to fall off the small cliff.

The sharpteeth got up first and attempted to attack the unconscious dinosaurs, but Hyp's father intervened and distracted them, prompting Hyp himself to draw the sharpteeth attention. The adults woke up and continued their fight with the sharpteeth until the sharpteeth climbed up the hill towards the hatchlings. However, the hatchlings counterattacked by pushing a huge rock down that knocked the sharpteeth down the hill. Just as the dinosaurs were going to continue fighting, the water flowed after the rocks covering it were removed and the sharpteeth were washed away. They ended up on the land the opposite of the herd.


  • They are the first dromaeosaurs to appear in The Land Before Time movie series.
  • The raptors that appeared in The Lost World: Jurassic Park look identical to the sharpteeth in this film.