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Raptor 1

A Raptor encountered in the trenchs

Raptor 2

A raptor spotting the player

Raptor 3

Don't go out there...

The Velociraptors are the main antogonists of the free- computer game 1916 Der Unbekkante Krieg. While they're origins are (as of yet) unexplained, they sure are creepy.

Role in the game

1916 Der Unbekkante Krieg is a first- person avoider game that puts the player in the role of a German soldier, who is trapped in the trenches and must escape by finding a ladder. The demon like raptors are the main enemy and must be avoided by either shooting them (which will not kill them), throw flares at them or throw flesh at them. The raptors lurk around in the trenches and are hard to predict, but they make a creepy howl when they spot the player, giving the player an alert that it is time to run. Though, they won't howl if they have been able to catch up with the player, allowing them to attack unexpectedly from behind. They even reside in the area with mustard gas, making the bunker the ONLY safe place. There is also one hiding near the ladder, so the player should have a limb ready when they are near the ladder. In the ending there is also raptors on the main battlefield and one of them kills the player, this is unavoidable.


  • It is unknown, as of now, what the raptors really are...