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Velma Green

Velma Green the Spider Queen


Early life

Return to Earth

Velma Green was once Grim's best friend during their days at Doomsday Junior High together, but their friendship turned bad when Velma thought that Grim cheated to be the Grim Reaper (in reality, Grim had tried to help Velma win.) She was the main villain in the TV Special 'The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy: Wrath of the Spider Queen'. She was Jeff's bride to be, but Billy told Jeff she wasn't good enough for him and Jeff canceled the wedding. She was originally going to be the Grim Reaper but Grim, angry at the teenage Boogey Man for trying to make Velma lose, unleashed a terrible display of his super natural powers—stemming from all the pent-up inner rage that Velma had once assured Grim he had had inside himself all along—and banished Boogey. This lead to everyone who hadn't already voted to vote for Grim instead. When Mandy learned the truth, she showed Velma, and Velma started to cry, renewing her friendship with Grim. When Grim asked her what she was going to do next she said she has nothing else to do but rule the world like her dad (Skippy) wanted her to (her mom thought she had the power to rule two planets).

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