"That's What I get for mixing business with Pleasure!"

She is the main antagonist along with Nigel whom was Valdez's business partner.

personality and appearance

She has a play acting personality whom others a caught off guard (except Sammy), she understands the weakness of flattery, surprise kiss, and sexy appeals, but she is a killer, a murderer and a double crosser (shown when she stabbed Nigel in the back litterally).

She appears as an Asian woman, and has the same hair style as Raven's only with a teal lighting and more circled style. She wears the same outfit like Mary Jane Watson in the first comic of Spider-Man (no face shown), when she's not in her outfit she wears either a green china dress, or black funeral clothing to make Tony Valdez forget his parents death (whom she was responsible for), she wears also a green robe, and green string bikini. The best outfit to her expertise is a Red Taipan outfit with a disguise voice to keep her identity and her true gender.

She is considered the most beautiful girl that Tony encountered, seeing natural breasts which she takes pride of, with Asian facial looks and accent, along with her big butt, and tattoos on her back, and on Tattoo gave away her identity in the climax of the movie which was the same symbol on the chest of her Taipan outfit.


At the climax of the film, she shows a dishonor in trying to kill Tony during the fight, and falls into a pit of fire, rescued by her grandfather, and using one of Tony's headbands, it is unkown if she would live long enough to use it!