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Axelay (USA) 00000
There is no data on this life force. You will be the first to know what horror it's capable of.
~ Axelay instruction manual

Veinion is the leader of the Armada of Annihilation that is responsible for the attacks on the Illis solar system and the planet Corliss. It's also the main antagonist and the final boss of Konami's Axelay. There are four phases to this battle. When you first battle it, there are two armaments which must be destroyed. The boss attacks using those two armaments as well as rotating two giant rocks clockwise and counter-clockwise. After destroying the two armaments, its core will open up, and it will fire a series of obstacles toward the Axelay, including golden-like rocks, lasers, and waves of bullets. After that, the boss will scan the Axelay, then send out a copy of Axelay fighters to attack you. When the boss takes enough damage, the boss begins to flee, leaving all the mechanical parts destroyed and causing the destruction of the fortress. As you fly out of the explosion, the boss emerges one last time to destroy you. Once it takes enough damage, the boss flies into the explosion and you will have saved the Illis solar system.

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