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Vein Mask is the sixth of the Black Cross Army Masked Monsters under Iron Man Mask General Temujin.


Vein Mask is brought in to gain a special sword obtained by EAGLE that has a massive destructive force that can rip through anything, including solid steel. Using his knowledge of poisons, he attacks the EAGLE agent believed to possess the sword, only to discover alongside the Gorenger that he did not possess it. When he is transported to a hospital, he attacks with a platoon of Zolders disguised as doctors and nurses to draw him out and find out what happened to the weapon. During a battle with the heroes, Kirenger ends up bending his blowgun before firing one of his poison darts, making him get poisoned and run around until he is able to cure himself.

Later when the weapon is found, he poisons the EAGLE agent who has it and takes it for himself, weaponizing it into multiple darts to use for rampaging and destroying the bases for the Black Cross. When he confronts the Gorenger again, he reveals his mind is able to keep up even with the complexities of the Gorenger Circle, only to be paying attention long enough for Aorenger to use a magnet attached to Variblune to take away his special darts. When he tries to fire one last poison dart at them, Shinmei shoots a Blue Cherry through his blowgun stabbing his throat before making him victim to Gorenger Storm.

Modus and Arsenal

Vein Mask possesses a staff that he can use as both a blowgun and as a pestle to mix up poisons on the go in a small mortar. His greatest ability is his vast knowledge of chemicals needed to create poison, using a computer mind to create any poison to cause whatever effect he desires in his victim. After gaining the Wesker Darts for his blowgun, he uses them to attack with a force that can rip through steel.

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